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Why Hafa?

HAFA is reaching out to healthcare centers, hospitals and schools, private or public, in order to provide them with equipment and materials they lack; and would otherwise not be able acquire.Due to the economic state of the country/ hospitals/employees and patients, it is likely that equipments go missing or be misused. For this reason, HAFA will implement a monitoring system to tag, log and lock equipment where appropriate. Quarterly visits will take place to ensure proper use of equipment. All visits will be logged accordingly in a database. HAFA’s local representative will support this type of monitoring which supports HAFA’s unique trait. Donors do not usually perform such follow up which in turn offers the local hospitals some sense of accountability for the donations received from HAFA.

Another distinct feature of HAFA’s initiative is the maintenance program. Equipment breakdown and maintenance program will be handled by HAFA’s contracted bio-medical technicians/engineers to support optimal equipment use. Bio technicians are scarce and expensive in Haiti. For this reason, equipment breakdown, not matter how simple or complex, often leads to the discontinued use of health equipment which in turn decreases their ability to serve their patient community.

Last, in order to increase awareness of proper use of equipment and to provide clinical support and guidance to fellow clinicians in Haiti, HAFA will also facilitate educational sessions and seminars to assist the local clinicians. This knowledge transfer and opportunity for clinical mentorship on equipment use and evidence based health practice will inevitably lead to increase skill and proficiency for those who normally would not have the exposure or opportunity. This inevitably will empower the healthcare professionals and healthcare community of Haiti, to better serve their people.